Monitor Audio Bronze B2 Bookshelf speakers

Bronze B2 looks recognizably. The flange of characteristic form and metallic grill, under which the tweeter's dome goldenly gleams, aluminum (in view) woofer and even four branded nameplates in the form of crown "M" letter - the system of Monitor Audio can't be mistaken for something else. In fact, the dome of C-CAM tweeter is made of aluminum - "gilding" gives it desired, according to the company, features. And the woofer is apparently not the one intended. Its diffuser is molded under high pressure from polymer with metallic additives.

The stage, created by Monitor Audio Bronze B2, differs by specificity - the far imaginary sources are from the foreground, the bigger the sound space is. This gives an interesting effect: small groups sound compactly and tightly, symphonic ones - deeply, with wide panorama. The upper and middle ranges are not transferred with exemplary neutrality. Basses sound energetically and only the very bottoms slightly need more hardness. But if judge entirely, musical balance is kept and the speaker systems are able to please the ear by powerful drive and open, relaxed sound.

Monitor Audio Bronze B2 Bookshelf speakers photo