Boston Acoustics CR67 Bookshelf speakers

Beautifully decorated shelf CR67 speaker systems with the bck bass-reflex hide the speakers under metallic grill, decorated by the rotatable branded name plate. A 135-mm driver with a fixed phase leveling "bullet" plays middle and bass. Having such modest 19-mm caliber it starts to work very low - from 2600 Hz.

Exactly the discants, almost not colored and incredibly detailed and clear, attract attention. Yeah, the tops slightly dominate the middle, but they do not distract from the perception of more important in musical sense band and, on the contrary, help it to focus in space and also help imaginary sources to take correct places in the scene. Voice register is transferred not very smooth, but with expressive nuances. In basses we find a small deficit of the lowest fundamental notes, and, in addition, there is some confusion due to light overhangs. But I want to forgive CR67 all sins, because there are no analogs to this speaker system with its perfect tweeters.

Boston Acoustics CR67 Bookshelf speakers photo