Tannoy TS8 Subwoofer

Tannoy TS8 is a small sized cube, covered with a soft on the touch matte material. Speaker has the diffuser's diameter of 200 mm and is directed to floor. Sound loading is closed that is very surprising and pleasant. What is interesting, there are XLR-connectors on the back wall, also a switchable high pass filter and smooth phase control are provided. Functionality is unexpectedly rich for such price category.

Sound. It was difficult to organize a smoothly sounding 2.1 system with the participation of the British model. Gain range, in which a neat connection of frequency bands is achieved, is quite narrow. TS8 clearly works in the area of mid and high bass. At low-frequency levels, the sound of Tannoy is not very clear. At high volume a middle bass is also blurred. We can predict a successful work of the sub with small shelf speaker systems; for big speaker systems you will have to buy a bigger sub. The model will be suitable for the package of compact cinema system in small or medium rooms. This Tannoy sub is more drawn to cinema material than music.

Tannoy TS8 Subwoofer photo