Magnat Betasub 20A Subwoofer

The legs, overhanding the side walls on the half of their diameter, refresh quite an ordinary body of Magnat Betasub 20 A. Large socket of the bass reflex is located on the front wall. A 200-mm speaker with a soft suspension is directed downwards. A 70W amplifier is able to deliver 140 watts in peak mode. Outputs are not provided; there are linear (mono) and high-amplitude inputs. We managed to count 7 "Magnat" inscriptions on the body, bass-reflex, speaker, each leg, not counting the rear panel.

Sound. Significant depth of LF-dive of this model makes a strong impression on a number of cinema episodes. By general effect the bass of Magnat is a bit dry. The sub plays the greater part of the range correctly and dynamically. You should use carefully the amplification control, because at high volume levels the effect of coloring can appear. Beta 20A should be referred to purely theatrical models: the created by them content of LF-part with tight, fast sound makes the relief of screenwriting convex and expressive. The model requires adequate attention to the selection of satellites, being used as partners (floor and shelf speaker systems).

Magnat Betasub 20A Subwoofer photo