CD-changer NAD 513

London firm provided for testing NAD CD player made in a new assembly plant. Firm and here remained true to its traditions. According to its original design solutions, sound, equipment and appearance of this unit is no different From series of products made by the same factories located throughout the world. In storage carousel includes all three CDs. Laser reader is also located directly in the loading slot carousel. Thus, the disc in the playback mode, you can not remove it. At the same time, extended the loading slot, you can accidentally touch the rotating disk. The advantage of the design of this model is, of course, almost silently occurring change disks, which, oddly enough, is rather slow, despite the small size of the carousel. On the front panel of the player NAD 513 is only 15 of buttons that control all operations of the player. These include: repeated separate fragments of recorded material, the entire disc or all discs, random fragments, fragments start playback recording, programming the playback order of 32 fragments, as well as training programs for copying on both sides of the cassette with the any duration. As for the sound quality, the apparatus NAD 513 helpful here to the upper end of the scale on which the devices were evaluated with the test. You can have some remarks to a modest functional equipment, but the sound quality is really impeccable.

NAD 513 CD-changer photo