KEF iQ3 Bookshelf speakers

The main feature of iQ series is Uni-Q module, which is a combination of MF/LF-speakers and HF-tweeter. A 19-mm tweeter with aluminum dome and powerful neodymium magnets is recessed into the center of MF/LF-speaker. Coaxial location of sound sources of different frequencies smoothes polar pattern and minimizes distortions of sound image (reducing interference from different sources). MF/LF-speaker with the diameter of 165 mm is equipped with titanium coating. To increase the sensitivity of KEF iQ3 speaker system the speaker's coil is made of copper-plated aluminum strip, wound on a nylon frame. Chassis made of precision casting aluminum has an increased rigidity and well-ventilated construction that Improves powerful characteristics of the system. The body's design of this series is very interesting too: their side walls are curved in the form of ellipse. Such bodies are difficult to be manufactured, but have better damping characteristics.

Sound. It is immediately noticeable that the British speaker systems have high tonus of the lower case. Musical image never loses low-frequency base. However, bass, unfortunately, is inferior to other parts of the range in mobility and significantly shades sound information in the lower part of the middle register. The speakers present material in the upper register a bit linearly. All together creates the impression of light tonal negligence. These moments appear, mainly, in the recordings of classical music. Dynamical range of KEF iQ3 is limited in micro-amplitude area. In other material they are practically invisible. Musical stage is quite spectacular: it is airy and transparent; virtual elements are presented focused and not only in frontal dimension, but also in depth.

KEF iQ3 Bookshelf speakers photo