MB Quart QL502S Bookshelf speakers

MB Quart QL502S is a two-way speaker system with bass-reflex, the port of which is placed on the faceplate. The diameter of low-frequency head with a cone diffuser is 210 mm; dome of tweeter has the diameter of 25 mm. Nominal electric power is 80 W, allowable peak - 130 W. The appearance of the speaker systems represents a combination of a strict concentration and a large volume (sizes are 278x475x300 mm). Standing on the path of artistic associations, it is hard to escape the comparison of sound image, creating by MB Quart QL502S, with picturesque paintings of great masters, who tended to a live depth painted by warm gradation of light. The sound of cello in MB Quart is similar to famous candles of Caravaggio. But, as you know, any comparison is weak, so we will be quick to calm whose, who know well the mentioned painting and have already decided that the system is deprived of high frequencies - not at all. Rich intension on basses doesn't depress but shades a bright color carnival of uppercase. The system gives a special touch of lyricism or, if you want, excitement to live instruments and vocal. And this refers neither to embellishment nor to transition effects. It just slightly opens some secret musical features of the instrument, which do not lie on surface. A detailed sound panorama, represented by the system, is well-structured in three dimensions. The architecture of concert hall is clearly interpreted in that case, when, of course, this information is contained in the recording a priori.

MB Quart QL502S Bookshelf speakers photo