AV-receiver Kenwood KRF-V6090D

Cabinet depth of the box - only 30 cm, and when placed in a standard rack cable is enough space. And they can be very much. Receiver Kenwood KRF-V6090D commutes not only audio but also video of all major types - composite, S-Video, and component that can be useful to the owner of video projector (video converter, of course, no - not the class of equipment). Available - 5.1 input that involves working with multi-channel sound DVD-Audio or SACD. There are six channels of amplification and decoders Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES, so that appropriate records are reproduced in full. Receiver system allows you to create and 7.1, but it will require an additional stereo: to connect the two Surround Back speakers are only line outputs .

Receiver Kenwood KRF-V6090D offers a wide range of DSP-modes, as well as proprietary function Active EQ, which allows you to quickly adjust the sound in different ways stereo, whether it be music, movies or watching television. Voices also provides adjustment, separate bass boost mode (Bass Boost) and the loudness mode. The last three functions are activated by remote control only. Built-in tuner has a shared memory for AM and FM (40 cells) - a reasonable solution. Avtozapominanie system memorizes the first RDS-station, then all the others.

Work with a configuration menu as using a special control on the front panel or the remote control. However, in any case, have to communicate with a single line display, reflecting reductions in most of the options. In short, no instructions are not enough. Complete remote control comfortable - keys are properly grouped, work areas highlighted. The remote is able to control and DVD-players of the firm.

Powerful functional equipment receiver Kenwood KRF-V6090D attract fans of "extreme hardware", ie those for whom the system is 6.1 - the minimum necessary, and the ideal - 7.1 sound. And inspires respect the fact that in order to achieve this ideal, this unit does not require high costs.

Kenwood KRF-V6090D AV-receiver photo