AV-receiver JVC RX-5052S

In a set of connectors find everything you need, except for the entrance 5.1. The model manages even composite video, allowing a "through" channel to record while connected to the receiver and DVD- VCR player. OSD-menu is not realized that for this class of vehicles - the norm. Unfortunately, this is not true of the spring terminals for connecting speakers: most competitors they screw.

While the receiver JVC RX-5052S has five channels of amplification, here a mode Virtual Surround Back (VSB) virtual audio decoding Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS-ES. Information logistics center is mixed into the signal going to a rear pair speakers. If desired mode can be switched off, but all of our test model 6.1 material played with VSB realistic. Receiver provides many DSP-modes, which include 3D Headphone - You can listen to multichannel audio via headphones. Moreover, for precise frequency correction provided five-band equalizer.

All work on configuring multi-channel sound takes on a universal handle Multi Jog, placed on the front panel, under the handle volume. She is not only responsible for the selection of the type and number of speakers, input distances and levels for each channel, but also for the equalizer setting. Algorithm of Multi Jog very comfortable, but not so small keys strewn about the remote control. However, it also has a strong point: it is able to manage proprietary audio and video (CD- or DVD- player, TV and VCR).

Of course, the lack of analog audio inputs 5.1 imposes on the use of AV-receiver JVC RX-5052S certain limitations. On the other hand, impresses with multiple modes of multi-channel sound. Phantom Surround Back channel allows not only to implement more ambitious sound effects, but also save on the speakers.

JVC RX-5052S AV-receiver photo