Sony STR-DB2000 AV-receiver

Asymmetrically located on the front panel of Sony STR-DB2000 receiver rotary controls and miniature knobs provide a complete control even without the remote control. Two multi-channel inputs (5.1 and 6.1) allow playing the recordings separately from Multichannel sources such as SACD and DVD-Audio or receiving the signal from an external decoder. There is "composite-S-video" converter. The amplifiers are digital, so energy consumption is small.

Functions. The abundance of controllable parameters impresses: signal synchronism of any pair of speaker systems is monitored and the phase shift of LF-signal, arising in the loudspeaker, is registered in DC P.Linearizer mode.

Control. Algorithms are extremely simplified and the informative display allows making installation without connection to TV, but we suggest you to use exactly the screen menus - because of their visual aspects. The programmable remote control is able to control 11 devices of the major manufacturers, but here is the question whether the user manage to cope with dozens of identical buttons or not.

Recomendations. The amplifier solves the main multichannel task confidently. Sony STR-DB2000 receiver is slightly inferior to competitors by the accuracy of sound: the coefficient of nonlinear distortions is big.

Sony STR-DB2000 AV-receiver photo