NAD T743 AV-receiver

The time-tested Hi-Fi solutions reign in the construction of NAD receiver: working for the front pre-amplifiers are connected with corresponding power amplifiers by removable jumpers; there are a switchable Soft Clipping limiter, attenuator of analog inputs and two (!) outputs for subwoofer. The concept with five amplification channels and simple, logical layout of the faceplate are traditional. Large weight of the receiver speaks of a solid power supply unit.

Functions. A standard set of 5.1 decoders is added by only two DSP modes, but there is a useful function to enter names of tuner's stations. Switchable timbre correction works in wide limits (±10 dB).

Control. Large remote control provides logical division into zones with a help of rubber partitions. There are special keys-swings to regulate the signals of central and rear speaker systems. Delays are changed only for two frontal or rear speaker systems that makes accurate setting in single-ended configurations difficult. The receiver responds to the commands of remote control quickly.

Sound. The ease, with witch NAD receiver agrees to work with low-resistance loading, and high coefficient of damping inspire respect - reliable device! However, you should take into account the fact that the receiver works most realistically at medium and high volume. The lovers of blockbusters and hard rock will appreciate this.

NAD T743 AV-receiver photo