Sony STR-DB790 AV-receiver

Sony STR-DB790 is the receiver, playing 6.1 channel recordings without compromises: appropriate decoders and the additional amplifier for central back channel are in place. Full set of decoders is added by the branded DCS technology, recreating the acoustics of some Hollywood editing studios at the listening not only through speakers but also with headphones. There is the possibility to rename inputs and to enter names of radio stations.

Control. The remote control is programmable and equipped with the instruction with impressive list of codes, can control several components of main manufacturers and is not overloaded with buttons. However, it is not very easy to get used to the joystick, that's why it is better to make installation from the front panel by perfectly obedient rotary switches.

Sound. Sony STR-DB790 hit stride while the processing of stereo signal and multichannel soundtracks at the connecting through digital input. Sound stays natural at any volume level and almost with any set of qualitative system. Music lover, including the owner of "vinyl" and cinephile, who is able to buy and install back center speaker systems, will appreciate this device.

Sony STR-DB790 AV-receiver photo