Pioneer VSX-D714-S AV-receiver

Harmonious design of the front panel of Pioneer VSX-D714-S receiver is impressive; the controls are clearly grouped into work areas. Switching capabilities are quite wide and allow you to easily modify to 6.1 configuration - you should connect only an additional amplifier to linear Surround Back output.

Functions. Rear center can be virtually get with a help of digital processing algorithms. There is the attenuator of input signals to equalize volume level from all analog sources. The lovers to adjust the sound character under the type of phonogram will appreciate the ability to change the intensity of one or another DSP effect.

Control. Interactive algorithm of MCACC installation significantly simplifies the receiver's setting. The receiver gives special test signals and offers to make necessary settings. It is quite logical that MCACC mode activates only by the remote control, because such settings are worth to be made being directly in the listening position.

Sound. Smooth frequency response and record damping coefficient (115 units) suggest: the device coped even with "hard" speaker system - particularly with the speaker systems, having uneven impedance. Pioneer VSX-D714-S receiver works well in stereo recording too, but its true calling - home theatre.

Pioneer VSX-D714-S AV-receiver photo