Panasonic SA-XR30 AV-receiver

The main feature of Panasonic SA-XR30 is that all operations with signal, including amplification, are in digital form. This is the reason for big number of digital inputs and the lack of 5.1-input - it would require additional digital-to-analog converters.

The set of functions covers almost all cases of theatrical life. Digital inputs are reassigned; you can change cutoff frequency of the sub at the work for "satellite" kit and also enter directly radio station frequency. Few adjustments are provided for DPL II; control options over sound field, which are designed for musical recordings and soundtracks up to mono, are useful.

Control. Setup parameters, which do not require estimation by ear, are selected from the front panel by rotary switch (intuitive process); volume in channels is adjusted from the remote control. It has many different-sized buttons; the volume control is on the periphery, so skill of work with it is trained slowly. The receiver Panasonic SA-XR30 is reproduced a vocal range naturally, high frequencies are a bit emphasized, bass is energetic enough but not always elastic. A purely theatrical device is before us, designed for connection to a set of miniature satellites and active subwoofer.

Panasonic SA-XR30 AV-receiver photo