JVC RX-6042S AV-receiver

Trying to decrease the number of buttons on the remote control the developers of JVC RX-6042S receiver made the front panel the main zone. In particular, the parameters of initial installation, not requiring evaluation by ear, are selected only from "facade" with a help of the branded rotary-push Multi-Jog switch.

Functions. The mode of quick installation is provided for beginners. The lover of accurate setting will be glad by the possibility to align the sub with satellites in the best way (one of the six cutoff frequencies is selected) or, using attenuator, to bring the volume of all sources to one level (the state of each input is in the device's memory).

Control. The remote control can control another three devices of the firm upon the condition that they are connected by the system bus. The remote is tightly covered by buttons; the volume control is on the periphery that can't be considered to be comfortable.

The sound of JVC RX-6042S is punchy, so the receiver can be also recommended to the adherents of cinema (firstly to whose, who are not going to install back central speaker system and listen to DD 5.1 EX or DTS-ES soundtracks without loses) and to lovers of audio, including exclusive - 5.1 input is fully adjustable.

JVC RX-6042S AV-receiver photo