Boston Acoustics CR57 Bookshelf speakers

CR series of Boston completely falls under the definition of a budget, but the manufacturer positions this system differently - as compact high-class speakers. The magnet system of 115 mm long-stroke woofer is made in the same way as in the branded DCD-speakers of premium series. The upper range is reproduced by 19-mm Kortec tweeter with a silk dome. The body creates the feeling of strength, in front it is covered by metallic grill and from the back it has eyelets for wall mounting and a bass-reflex.

Bass opportunities of CR57 are low. They start to play in full only from 100 Hz, but there is no hint on bass modulation of voice band in sound. Also there are other advantages. Having extremely small caliber CR57 has very high sensitivity and form focused and divided into plans three-dimensional sound stage with barely noticeable reference to the emitters. And enviable dynamical qualities on HF are confirmed by good micro-dynamical qualities and the main MF band is played in details too. Musical balance is slightly lightened in the lower cased, but CR57 plays discants much more openly and less colored than other budget speaker systems. A small rise in tops is felt, but it can be useful for a room with soft furniture and carpets.

Boston Acoustics CR57 Bookshelf speakers photo