AV-receiver Marantz SR9600

After the Denon and Marantz united in holding the Japanese government decided to separate them into different price niches that brands do not compete with each other. And many models "Marantz" while caught in the elite segment.

However, after the full-time acquaintance with the new model Marantz SR9600 come to the conclusion that the margin here is not only for the prestige. It's really amazing and advanced solid receiver corresponding certificate THX Ultra2. That there is a matrix display - from his eyes do not tear! High body massive aluminum panel and unparalleled ergonomics: all that is needed for operational management is in sight, and all the setup and auxiliary buttons hidden under a solid hinged panel. Remote control generally resembles a PDA, but after a short course it did not think too hard - control is implemented clearly and stylish.

Enumerate all "features" Marantz SR9600 pointless - take a look at the table at the end of the article and get all the answers. I will mention only some of the design features. Receiver assembled on Coppering chassis. Powerful seven-channel output section with current feedback is powered by a huge toroidal transformer and specially designed buffer capacitors. In preliminary analog chips are used instead of the famous HDAM-SA2 modules of the new generation and the digital processor is built on two advanced 32-bit microprocessor and Cirrus Logic supplemented MRAC auto calibration system.

Marantz SR9600 is impressive and its sound. Dynamics just hurricane! All bass band played realistically and generously - looking ahead, I will say that it is this device in the test showed the best bass. Vocal band passed very subtle and harmonious, with a mass of juicy details. Receiver perfectly reproduces the orchestral tutti, not knocking sound in the porridge. But the upper band seemed to me a bit embellished. You hear a lot of details, the highest range played very air, but metal trebles though covered with a thin layer of silver. Many audiophiles this sound like handwriting, but how it can be considered reliable - one more question. In the transition to the digital input situation is slightly different - sopranos calmer. On the quality of radio reception Marantz SR9600 also proved himself worthy - slightly elevated noise in the channel, but the sound of music programs on FM least different from the same play, but on the CD.

Marantz SR9600 AV-receiver photo