Sony STR-DE375 AV-receiver

Sony STR-DE375 receiver created the attack of nostalgia to our experts. Judge for yourself: decoder is only Pro Logic, no S-video, only RCA, does not commutate video signals! The receiver is configured specifically. Although the test signal goes one after another to all channels, you can change its level only in central and both back channels at once. Delays at the work with 5.1-channel input are not adjusted (the developers shift the solution of this problem to DVD player). The procedure can't be called an intuitive. For example, to adjust the level of central or rear channels you should push Menu > or Menu < button for several times, enter the desired parameter and change it by "+" or "-" buttons. At the same time the test signal, if it was turned on before, continues to turn through the channels, not stopping on the one, the volume of which is adjustable.

Sony STR-DE375 receiver has a strong, musical stream, so we recommend it mainly to a person, who still undecided in his attitude to home theatre, for example, to the owner of Hi-Fi video tape recorder, postponing the purchase of DVD player. At first, you can buy qualitative frontal speaker systems to it. Despite of low passport power, the receiver is able to "groove" a serious floor standing system. You can listen to stereo recordings from CD player, and in order to get pseudo surround sound while watching movies from VHS use Virtual Surround mode. However, Sony STR-DE375 will fully open only in the combination with two pairs of qualitative speaker systems. Add DVD player, equipped with Dolby Digital/DTS decoders and reading DVD Audio or SACD, to them and you'll get a complete music-theatre system.

Sony STR-DE375 AV-receiver photo