Yamaha RX-V530RDS AV-receiver

Yamaha is true to itself: the black case of RX-V530RDS receiver and orange fluorescent display with multistage Dimmer - indispensable during the initial setting because there are no screen menus. You can perform this procedure from both front panel and the remote control of the most conservative shapes, which is easily programmed to the control of other components. It is well thought that can't be said about the initial start-up - it is unreasonably complicated. Firstly, delay is identified in milliseconds, not indirectly through the distance from the listener to speaker systems; secondly, it is configured differently for center and for rear (read the instruction carefully!); thirdly, due to the abundance of regulated parameters of the branded DSP modes make you dizzy. Are these ornaments necessary when in "clear" Dolby and DTS soundtracks sound energetically and organized? If DVD recording has a corresponding flag the receiver recognizes the information of Dolby Digital EX/DTS ES and goes into Matrix 6.1 mode, creating a phantom rear center. If there is no flag, you can take the receiver off into Matrix 6.1 mode by force. Characteristic features of sound, the lack of Phono input on the back panel and AV input on front indicate that here is exactly the theatrical device. We recommend it to those who aim to adjust most accurately (by rigorous regulation of numerous parameters) the system's parameters under the characteristics of room and also to those, who do not have opportunity to place in the room a rear central speaker system, but want to feel the advantages of 6.1 channel sound.

Yamaha RX-V530RDS AV-receiver photo