AV-receiver Kenwood KRF-V8060D-S

The front panel "under 80" - brushed aluminum, lots of buttons and rotary knobs - is becoming increasingly popular. But Kenwood KRF-V8060D-S is the solution - not just a fad. It facilitates the preset that is easier to make it to the front, and not with the remote control: arrow keys and rotary knob Multi Control is much more ergonomic joystick on the remote control, besides, being near fluorescent display can clearly see the picture mnemonic to help set up. Remote also designed to command all system components (he programmed, the codes in the manual), replete with colorful buttons, and find among them the right to solve. Same functional richness worthy of the highest praise. All decoders are present, standing now in service, up to DTS ES Discrete (there is even a corresponding indication on the display), the possibility of control component signal and connect an additional stereo pair. It is worth noting a witty notion: a sixth channel gain can be reoriented to scoring a passive subwoofer. That is, the consumer is entitled to choose which channel is more important to him, central rear or extra bass (instead of expensive active, you can choose a relatively cheap passive subwoofer, such as a car). As a result, we face a very modern machine - for fans of large-scale movies with sound 6.1 (receiver easier to learn spatial, and not just localized effects) or the owner of the player that is compatible with SACD and DVD Audio (line inputs are provided).

Kenwood KRF-V8060D-S AV-receiver photo