Sony STR-V555ES AV-receiver

Familiarity with this amazingly flexible in setting model was accompanied by constant surprise. For example, having such incredible set of features, which Sony STR-V555ES receiver has, it turned out that a full-scale listening of 6.1 format was impossible: there are only five amplification channels. Consequently, a back central channel is played "virtually" through a pair of rear speaker systems (right and left). The developers suggest very exotic option: you can try to load a loudspeaker of back center on the front central channel (the receiver's switching allows this with corresponding change of sound content of the channel). In this case the frontal "center" can be set as "phantom". Insufficient loading capability of the power amps has led to the situation that output power at 4 Ohms turned out to be less than at 8 Ohms. To be fair we will note not many receivers do allow the connection of 4-ohm system. The number of various modes and setting impresses: we counted 33 variants of sound field and 53 regulated parameters. For example, the existing three-way equalizer allows changing in wide ranges a central frequency and also Q-factor adjustment at MIDs is possible. And all these settings are feasible separately for front channels, central rear and back center. In addition, three are different control options of reverberation, reflection character and so on. Thanks God that delay adjustment is simplified: the distance to the right and left speakers (both front and rear) is changes simultaneously: try to keep symmetry at the placement of the speaker systems.

The remote control of Sony STR-V555ES receiver is a true High-Tech. It is more like a pocket computer, on the display of which there is a menu: in order to make selection you should touch the screen, on which a necessary advice appears. A special "pencil" is provided to do this. The adjustments are made through extensive network of nested menus; all parameters of the setting, CD text and so on are displayed on the highlighted LCD display. You can give new names to the presets of tuner and all the receiver's inputs (they can also be displayed on the remote's screen).

Sony STR-V555ES AV-receiver photo