Cambridge Audio Azur 650A Amplifier

The amplifier is made in a strong metallic body with thick front panel made of milled aluminum. In its center there is a large volume control. There are six linear inputs, one of which (MP3 In) is duplicated on the front panel. Among additional "utilities" we will note the output from pre-section and the built-in amplifier for headphones. Circuit technique is completely discrete. By power the signal is amplified by a pair of high-current Sanken transistors, installed on the effective radiator with complex profile. Key element of supply unit is a powerful toroidal transformer with separate windings for preliminary and final stages.

The device differs by the highest sound resolution almost in the whole working range, except the lowest register, in which it slightly falls. The amp perfectly damps speaker system, not weakening the control even at high volume. The middle, rich with half-tones and extremely natural, deserves the most flattering epithets. Cambridge Audio Azur 650A has a wonderful sense of rhythm, correctly conveys the structure of musical work. Dynamical qualities can be assessed as sufficient - at least, there were no significant faults in test phonograms. The stage is built with clear perspective in depth, we can't find fault in localization of imaginary images too. It seems that in terms of space the amp won't be the weak spot even in quite a serious chain.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650A Amplifier photo