Tangent EXEO AMP Amplifier

FL-display with adjustable brightness takes a big part of the front panel of integrated-circuit amplifier from the new series EXEO. On either side of it there are fine handles of volume control and input selector, which is also the navigator of setup menu. You can also adjust the balance and tone on HF/LF in the limits of +/-10 dB.

On the back there are four linear inputs and inputs for LP turntable and also filtered output for active subwoofer. The amplifier is fully digital with 60W output cascades, operating in D class. As you know, this circuit technique got rid from the "children diseases" long time ago, saving all advantages. The main one is the highest efficiency at modest weight-size parameters.

And really, the upper range is perceived slightly smoothed and unobtrusive. Descants are not too bright but rather natural. Voice tones are seemed to be rather cool but a harmonic resolution of middle frequencies is on the height. Dynamics is average - a lack of drive can be felt in rock music and especially violent things are perceived slightly compressed.

In addition, the amplifier can be a bit approached for some decrease of intelligibility of extreme bass, but its general structure is reproduced recognizable. Virtual sound stage is built with a slightly reduced scale, but with clear separation of several plans in depth and stable in space images.

Tangent EXEO AMP Amplifier photo