Audio Analogue Verdi Settanta Rev.2.0 Amplifier

Verdi Settanta Rev.2.0 amplifier has a hybrid design that combines the main advantages of both tube and transistor circuitry. The well-known double triodes 6922 aimed to add naturalness and warmth to the sound are used in the preliminary cascades. LM3886T transistor assemblies from National are installed at the output, providing output power up to 70W per channel (8 ohms). The amplifier has no tone controls and constantly operates in Source Direct straight amplification mode. Six line-in inputs, one of which is designed for turntables with any type of pickup, are provided for connection the sources. The amplifier (as well as other Audio Analogue components) is controlled by the remote control.

Audio Analogue Verdi Settanta Rev.2.0 differs by lively character, without unpleasant transistor rigidity and over-detailing. The sound is surprisingly legible regardless of the volume level. The amplifier sounds maximally comfortable in any musical material, skillfully smoothing even the aggressive impulses of modern hard rock. The resolution in the entire working band is very high, frequency range is wide. The amplifier reproduces a rich, muscular bass, but somewhat slow in rhythm. The middle is colorful, sometimes too colorful, in the Italian manner. The created space strikes with a truly gigantic scale, filling almost the entire listening room. This advantage is especially noticeable in the symphonic classics.

Audio Analogue Verdi Settanta Rev.2.0 Amplifier photo