Technics SL-BD20 Turntable

Technics SL-BD20 is a semi-automatic vinyl player. Its body is cast of plastic. The mechanism consists of rigidly mounted central spindle and monolithic disc with a belt-drive, on which there is a rubber layer. The mechanism is not too stable to deformations, directed along a vertical axis. Engine and drive mechanism (surely, with tonearm) are installed without any isolation. On the contrary, the isolation of the whole player is solved relatively properly. It is carried out using twisted screws, which are an integral part of the player's legs. The tonearm's design does not involve auto setting of needle's pressure value on a vinyl record. Asntiskating is also not provided. The tonearm is equipped with T4P typed pickup, which is designated as P2H.

Mechanic of this vinyl player works noiselessly and reliably.

Pickup installation on the bezel of a vinyl record and tonearm rising are performed a bit less smoothly and with less ease. These mentioned operations are made using slide control in contrast to classical lever.

The sound of Technics SL-BD20 differs by overly accentuated high frequencies, nicely sounding MIDs and a bit muted low frequencies.

Technics SL-BD20 Turntable photo