Pioneer XV-DV313 Home Theatre System

The bevel on the front panel of Pioneer XV-DV313 receiver not only ennobles the central unit, but also serves as "landing place" for controls. Such solution allowed removing them from DVD transport: even at the extended tray the access to buttons is not blocked. The acquaintance with the options of initial setting assumes us that the most important thing for receiver is the work in theatre mode. In particular, you can take room's sizes into account and the fact, how the seats are located. Creation mode of virtual back channel is provided (the analog of rear center will be especially useful while watching movies with 6.1 soundtracks in DD EX or DTS ES).

When TV is connected by SCART-SCART CABLE, TV signal automatically goes to special (TV) input of DVD receiver. The work with JPEG files is perfectly organized: there are slide-show modes and rotation of an image by 90 degrees. There is the opportunity to bring signal volume in all inputs to one level (attenuator). The remote control with two "crosses" and sliding lid, closing the least necessary buttons, looks great.

It is desirable to orient Pioneer S-DV313 satellites to the listener in order to devoid the feeling of deficit of high frequencies. Quite modes showings of the amplifier are compensated by clear output spectrum and good power reserve of the set with a sub. Pioneer XV-DV313 shows a good, theatrical sound in medium sized rooms and requires a minimum configuration.

Pioneer XV-DV313 Home Theatre System photo