Bookshelf speakers Energy XL-150

Energy XL-150, which represents the version of well-known XL series, is the most compact and lightweight speaker system in the collection. Having the external similarity with the prototype, new XL is equipped with LF/MF heads, designed for more expensive series - Connoisseur. All speakers are magneto-shielded. Self-adhesive polymer legs are included.

XL-150 works very neatly (at normal volume). In comparison with previous representatives of XL the new model definitely has more accurate portrayal of timbres. The quality of low frequencies was improved: not deep basses sound clearer and smoothly get involved into the overall tonal system. Tonal balance deserves a confident A. Natural (for such a miniature speaker system) dynamical limits surely simplifies, schematizes an image, but do not strip it of attractiveness and harmony.

"Neutrality" of Energy XL-150 makes these speaker systems universal by genres. In most cases this pair is an ideal variant for using in small, overloaded by furniture rooms in classical stereo as well as theatrical variant. On graceful stands the speaker systems will perfectly fit a well-organized interior.

Energy XL-150 Bookshelf speakers photo