AV-receiver JVC RX-DP10

We will not hide, by today's standards this model is hardly cutting edge. What explains our interest? First, you are more correct receiver on sale and can not find - in it to improve the quality of sound engineers literally licked and digital and analog section. Second, frankly, not everyone needs the support of all modern multi-channel audio formats. In the end, there is a built-in decoders in any decent DVD-player. Here most of the money invested in the sound - quality processing and power amplification. Thirdly, it is the only test equipment suited specifications THX Ultra.

RX-DP10 largely repeats the design flagship "Twenty" JVC. Device on the receiver remarkable almost total isolation from the sensitive analog electronics figures. The latter, however, is also of interest: the path used proprietary circuit CC Converter, which reduces the effect of jitter and overdrive data width to 24 bits. Audio processing is performed dual processor Motorola. An important advantage is the availability of digital and seven-band parametric equalizer. The final touch to the portrait: cover, under which there are secondary controls, a motor moves. By the sound of it no longer has a relationship, but still nice.

Turning to the assessment of the quality sound RX-DP10, just want to say about the tuner. All receivers this module, we can say for the record. The receiver JVC is the real thing. Exceptionally clean reception, extremely accurate for FM-ether sound. I am sure for many that sound will be a revelation. Here you have a veteran!

The external digital source RX-DP10 sound emotional and expressive. Captured minor coloring, but it disappears when the CC-converter - in this mode, the machine sounds JVC stricter professional. Claims can be made except that the upper range, where there is a very light wool. Source connected to analog, the unit also finds a common language - it is felt by an infinitely deep stage for dynamic bass and juicy (and another definition for it) the middle.

To obtain zero interaction between analog and digital, the receiver incorporates two separate toroidal transformer.

JVC RX-DP10 AV-receiver photo