AV-receiver NAD T763

Many not happy with the design of NAD, but it causes us to respect their persistence. Photographs on this company phones look gray boxes, but alive - is another matter. Neat rows of buttons, a small but elegant display, extremely intuitive control algorithm (this applies to both bodies on the front panel or with the remote) - all this in itself dignity. Even to the most extraordinary component in the rack eventually get used to, but with NAD from the outset established friendships.

The T 763 is available already in the updated version. It can not be reproached in the absence of decoder Dolby Pro Logic IIx (true, auto-calibration system and has not appeared). Very extensive set of DSP modes and settings. I would also like high performance pre- and terminal tract with a proprietary system of soft clipping at too high output power. But the main feature of the T 763 - complete schematic division of the listed units. Removing a jumper on the rear panel, you are actually doing a single-component two: Surround processor with advanced AV- switch and multi-channel power amp with the switch load. The latter can be useful for scoring the next room or bi-amping.

When connected to a digital input T 763 sounds in the best traditions of NAD. But with a good source connected directly to analog, the result is impressive. The device gives a very dynamic, driving sound, but at the same time not ignoring the tiniest sonic details. Hum neatly distributed in space, the atmosphere is saturated recording and middle lacks even a hint of color. If the sound in the mid-frequency band will seem slightly veiled and bass - uncool, then, according to our observations, the reason should be explained only by an unfortunate choice of speakers. Take the speakers with a strict and even somewhat dry (but not necessarily open) sound, and the result will not be worse than the road Hi-Fi-system. But here at your disposal will not be two channels, and six (by the way, is another opportunity to separate amplification bands).

The power supply system is made on the monstrously powerful toroidal transformer Holmgren - this is not always see in technology and higher grade.

NAD T763 AV-receiver photo