AV-receiver Kenwood VRS-6200

VRS-6200 is not enough that defiantly made in a thin design, so more and power amplifiers has only five - as a regular budget 5.1 receiver. But got this product on our test bench is not accidental. First, it is equipped with DSP, which allows you to decode a seven-channel surround formats DTS ES and Neo: 6, Dolby Digital EX and Pro Logic IIx ("backing vocals" can be blended into the main rear or removed from the outputs of the provisional section). Secondly, as befits an advanced apparatus, VRS-6200 performed very thoroughly thought out different control system, and adjustments in the arsenal, besides all necessary, also has a loudness and bass boost, ie active compensation scheme AFC.

Of course, the advantages of semikanalok listed in the introduction to the test, this receiver is nothing at all: a modern processor and advanced sound treatments (small inscription on board "High Resolution DSP", as you see, not just words). But the number of deficiencies over competitors it is one less - estimate, how much you've saved on a pair power amplifiers!

Perhaps, in the thin test receivers VRS-6200 sound quality could qualify for the top places. That the digital inputs that analog stereo (unfortunately, direct multi-channel connection is not provided) it sounds without slackness, very naturalistic and heartfelt. Small audio items strictly correspond to their status - are present, but not protrude. A close-ups VRS-6200 struggles to give due dynamic scale. Best of all it's got in his upper register - okonechniki receiver seem to be very fast because sopranos always heard clearly, even with a nice crystal beauty (whether it is the device class High End, I would not rate this sound - realism still above). The average range of a little melancholy - not cold, not with sad undertones. Bass mobile, without undue liberties, but it is worth to offer VRS-6200 complex musical party - a large group of cellos, for example, or a batch of low drums with double bass - the lower case ceases to seem assembled, he just did not have enough gravity.

Generally, dynamic quality - one of the most painful places to slim-receiver packages. And I must admit that in this aspect of VRS-6200 is doing well. I listened to a lot of different CD on this unit and only a few felt the energy deficit. In the transition to multi-channel programs (besides music, but with a separate bass channel) VRS- 6200 was not very convincing, but in the medium range surface showing articulation. However, when watching movies in surround, where for all mostly rap subwoofer (I mean besides reproduction of brute force, rather than the main audio information), receiver general kenvudovsky nothing lost its more powerful and expensive rivals. Is not that important?

Kenwood VRS-6200 AV-receiver photo