Boston Acoustics M25 Bookshelf speakers

The bodies of M25 speaker systems are made by Lo-Q principle, the key point of which is minimum box side-tones. Not only smooth contours are conducive to this, but also massive side laps, damping resonances. Acoustic loading of the systems is bass-reflex with a special low noise profile of air port. The diffuser of bass head with the diameter of 133 mm is made of polypropylene, which has an increased rigidity and small weight. An inch branded EWB (Extended Wide Bandwith) tweeter of the second version with an unusual by form soft fabric dome works higher on the spectrum. According to the title, the emitter differs not only by extended frequency range, but also minimal phase distortions.

In the lower part of the band the sound is quite dynamical. Having not a record depth of bass, clarity and speed characteristics of this register impress. In MIDs M25 behave confidently and at the same time delicately, avoiding rude tonal liberties. But you can notice in the lower middle some kind of nonlinearity, not very affecting the sound. The transfer of natural instruments' timbres seems to be a bit simplified, but voice parties are beyond criticism. Top is slightly softened in dynamics, but not aggressive at all - discants need a little bit physicality. The stage is wide, with decent elaboration of remote plans and without violations in the positioning of images.

Boston Acoustics M25 Bookshelf speakers photo