AV-receiver Jamo AVR-793

Danish Jamo, with a reputation for Europe's largest manufacturer of acoustics, increasingly manifests itself in the AV-electronics. Design AVR-793 deliberately laconic: silver casing with a small display (informative, but the characters are very small) when the illuminated fashion blue backlit buttons. Lack of rotating or direct input selector (sources account iterate sequentially) plus will not name, but with the front panel have access to almost everything, including configuration files, functions.

Switching capability moderate three optical, two coaxial inputs and seven stereo line inputs (plus three outputs on the record). Video selector works with all kinds of signals: composite, S-Video and component. Phono stage is not provided, but instead of a full multi-channel input jacks are four (3.1), which complement the standard analog input for DVD to a six-channel (5.1). If you do not want to build too developed system, the listed switching capabilities will be more than enough.

The digital part of AVR-793 is built on modern processors and converters Cirrus Logic. Pure Audio mode is provided to bypass the digital path. In the food chain - a toroidal transformer and cans 4 x 15,000 uF. Amplifier with high impact on the current assembled entirely on discrete elements and are compatible with a low impedance load.

If everything still looked promising, then when you set up to face challenges. For example, the distance to any speaker in the setup menu can not be set more than up front, and changing values in increments of 30 cm And one more thing: when the receiver heats up considerably, included quite a noisy fan.

But listening to music, to the AVR-793 again begin to feel sympathy. The sound is always different dynamics in the excellent bass, melodiousness and intelligence play top range. In the Pure Audio playback becomes more solid and detailed. In soundstage is only slight signs of defocus. By multichannel inputs result is about the same as in the Pure Audio - when properly configured, the source of three-dimensional sound surrounds you everywhere. But the sound from any of the digital inputs is less impressive - is not so picky bass, pedantry is not felt in the transfer trebles.

Jamo AVR-793 AV-receiver photo