Technics SH-GE70 Equalizer

Level adjustment in each of seven bands of this equalizer is electronic and joint for both channels (that significantly decreases the flexibility of the device). The range is 12 dB with the step of 2 dB, what was proved at the measuring with sufficient accuracy. Three mechanical switches provide all possible combinations of the equalizer's use: input select, listening and record with equalizer or without it. There is an enabling mode of reverse characteristic. Six fixed AFC will help you to choose a desired timbre (Rock, Jazz, Background, Vocal or special ones for a player or car audio). Created at your discretion characteristics can be stored in the memory: there six cells for this purpose. The indicator provides three operating mode, traditional for the device of this price: column, point and peak with memorization. The absence of level adjustment in the input will be some kind of limitation: there are no problems here only at the use in the set of "technics" complex. Having a separate pre-amp you can use volume control, but what about tape recorder is not clear. The last positions of regulations, whether it is put out of the memory or set manually, are automatically saved at turning off and at the next turning on will be also automatically restored. This is an undoubted convenience of the device. On the other hand, bypass mode, when the signal from the source goes without processing, turns on at switching into standby mode, i.e. the socket still has to be connected to network.

Technics SH-GE70 Equalizer photo