Arcam Alpha 8 Amplifier

This Arcam is the development of Alpha 7. Soft graphics of design's inscriptions with smooth changes of handles and the top cover made of aluminum with clearly extruded alpha completes the appearance of this English gentleman. As you know, Alpha series is developed for getting high quality at an affordable price and has lots of functional possibilities. The selector with five positions allows connecting various sound signal sources and in PHONO position it is possible to connect an additional linear signal source with a help of the switch on the back panel. In addition, TAPE input/output is supplemented by TAPE switch that allows the owners of three-head tape recorders to control the quality of record. Also there are the motorized volume control, switchable tones and the possibility of connecting two pairs of speaker systems, one of which is permanently enabled, the second one can be turned off. The indication presents in the form of yellow-green LED, which signals depending on circumstances - power on or emergency mode; and all connectors has gilt surfaces for better contact. One of the features of Arcam amplifiers is the possibility of upgrading any model with the development of equipment or material possibilities of a consumer. For this, for example, you can connect additional power amplifiers such as Alpha8P to the existing additional inputs from the pre-amp. Now four similar channels of power amplifiers can be connected to the speaker system by bi-amping scheme. Constructively the entire amplifier, up to high-qualitative toroidal transformer and two filter capacitors (1000uF/50V), is assembled on a single printed board, taking up all space of the amplifier. New electronic protection and the placement of elements, reducing the level of noises and distortion, are applied in the amplifier's scheme. And the main highlight is the use of powerful 125-watt field transistors IRF540 in the output cascade of power amplifier. Heatsinks are made originally - two small radiators, mounted on the common board, flattened against the rear wall of the chassis, playing the role of the main heatsink together with the top cover. Thus, the entire case is involved in the heat abstraction. A similar solution was proposed by the French radio lovers in the late 70-ies. Output connectors, in addition to simple cables and plugs, are able to accept new Camcon plugs corresponding to the new safety standards. At the simultaneous work of two channels the measurements showed the output power of no less than 80 W per channel before a sharp increase in distortion was noted. Some problems at the connection of CD player may cause a relatively low impedance of the input (only 10kOhm). The amplifier hasn't got its own remote control and any desk of Arcam will suit, for example CR-30. The control is made by three buttons - volume level and MUTE. Accurate, going up to perfect (in this price category!) sound has round forms in live music. It is clear that the device gives the warmth of living breath to the sound of classics. But its emotions don't overflow: the gentleman is also the gentleman in Opera.

Arcam Alpha 8 Amplifier photo