AV-receiver NAD T753

Design. Model T753 receiver is consistent with the ideology of NAD, according to which is of paramount importance practicality. The front panel of the traditional design does not look overloaded controls, but control all basic functions available with it. AV-connectors on the front protects the small dust cap. The large mass of the model NAD T753 (20 kg) due to the presence within the large transformer. On the back side - no surprises. In the arsenal - a detachable power cord, extra socket, 7.1 input, control bus, a plurality of AV-inputs. But among them only two component video inputs, no HDMI, or iLink. Four (!) Fan look menacing, but as it turned out, almost no noise.

Functions. An interesting element, confirming the orientation of the device, primarily for audiophiles - the mode of «soft clipping», chopping extreme load peaks, which greatly reduces distortion. Moviegoers he will hardly taste: the most dramatic declines scale effects. The rest of the equipment of the machine is quite traditional, but the role of the decoder Dolby Pro Logic II plays a proprietary system EARS surround.

Management. The front panel of the receiver NAD T753 can not be called a triumph of ergonomics - triumphed traditional desire to make uniform buttons. But the remote control raises no objections - comfortable enough, teach as individual commands and macros with backlighting for all keys. For the second zone has a separate "striker assembly" size of a credit card. Certain claims causes screen menu system. They are too austere and do not appear through the component signal.

Recommendations. NAD Company over the years has acquired quite a lot of fans, among which, of course, will be willing to purchase this particular receiver. For other T753 is in some way a compromise - decent musicianship, especially in the presence of good bookshelf speakers in small rooms with poor functional accessories. Suggested to him, first of all, lovers of musical recordings. In the movie, he is not superior to its competitors, but when you play a CD (CD-DA) largely refutes the unsuitability of AV-receiver to work as a stereo amplifier.

- Technical comment -

Power receiver NAD T753 significantly surpassed claimed 90W output during measurements 123 watts. So in theory it can play loud enough and used in large rooms - of course, if choose the right acoustics. And this can cause problems: the lowest in the test (48 pcs). Damping factor requires a thorough approach to her choice. THD is 0.02 %, slightly increasing at high frequencies, nevertheless "top" are reproduced quite naturally and transparently. This clearly explains the pleasant sound in stereo. Channel separation at the middle level on the test (51 ± 1 dB for Dolby Digital, 56 ± 1 dB for DTS and 53 ± 3 dB for input 5.1) is acceptable both in magnitude and in the degree of symmetry , which is on par with the best performance on the test. Analog tone controls work with maximal symmetry. Quite adequate and tuner - sensitivity 2 mV for a signal/noise ratio of 65 dB let you listen to the radio in good quality.

NAD T753 AV-receiver photo