Luxman LR-7500 AV-receiver

The Company Luxman, recognized for qualitative CD players and double-channel amplifiers, came to the market with AV receivers of high price category quite recently. It is therefore not surprising that the model LR7500, being the most expensive among the applicants, takes an intermediate position in the premiere line of the company. There are all the trappings, belonging to the class "available High End" - the nobility of forms, aristocratic simplicity of the faceplate's design, and also... a very little information about the hardware. In short, to understand what are the objective reasons for such high price is not easy. In particular, its commutating possibilities are quite moderate. HDMI is not provided; control by only analog video signals (up to component) is possible.

Most modes of surround sound should be called standard - except Dolby Headphones, very useful at the listening to multi-channel soundtracks through headphones. Few firmed ideas related to changes in sound panorama become an interesting feature. With a couple of settings you can gently stretch the center, directing a portion of the information from it in the fronts and deepen the rear, achieving more tangible "presence effect". The opportunity to introduce a delay between video and audio (effective for working with plasma screen) is useful. There is no auto-tuning and today this is an obvious disadvantage for the device of such price.

Display menus of the receiver Luxman LR-7500 is well thought out, which partly compensates for the lack of auto-tuning. However, to install the receiver manually is quite a long the process, because for each signal source the entire range of regulations is memorized separately. Developers of the remote control traditionally put design at the forefront, so we recommend changing the "lazy" into some universal remote control from an experienced manufacturer. This is especially truly for fans of projectors - the inscriptions under many of the same buttons with little light are indistinguishable.

The receiver Luxman LR-7500 showed itself from the best side while playing two-channel recordings in the mode with turning off the voices. Certain problems, associated, apparently, with the supply source, prevented it to perform brilliantly in a theatrical role.

Luxman LR-7500 AV-receiver photo