AV-receiver Harman/Kardon AVR 25 II

Home theater equipment is commonly included into the production program of almost all leading world companies. The popular American company Harman/Kardon wasn't left aside. Its AV-receiver AVR 25ii features a simple and user-friendly design, but the main feature is till its sound quality, and attention should not be diverted by too geeky design.

The large indicator is located in the centre, showing almost all modes of the receiver's system. It is framed on the sides with the tuner's control buttons and the characteristic ledge at the bottom edge of the panel contains other buttons - the amplifier's controls.

The finishing element in this scene is a massive volume knob with a green glowing insert tool, the position of which allows estimating the output's level. There is also a lurking button beneath o it is LOUDNESS control button.

In few models, all channels of the amplifier's power regulation (BTW, this model has discrete components) are able to perform the stated load capacity with 110 W instead of 100 W per a front channel with the working load of 4 ohms.

THD of 0.03% with 1 kHz Is quite below the stated 0.09%. These amplifiers allow giving to the impulse current's load up to 40 amps with the slew rate of 80 V/Ms. In combination with the relatively shallow negative self-excitation it only enables the receiver to transfer easily and reliably the pulsed music's character.

Rear-surround channels of the receiver use two separate power amplifiers. The receiver allows you to connect 4 audio sources, among them the head of the MM type adapter, 3 different video sources, 1 is from the front panel, and finally, 2 TV monitors.

In this case, the corrector RIAA has a quite large overload capacity (120 mV) and a low noise level (74 dB). The used amplifier adjustments are common: exclusively motorized volume, only via the DIRECT mode it is possible to switch off balance and tempo of the main channels, a LOUDNESS option gives a raise to low and high frequencies at low volume levels.

There are line-level outputs for all channels, which will, if desired, to connect additional amplifiers with an output power of any. Also has access to a powered subwoofer, which is more realistic sound effects are played back movies. The powerful output terminals can be connected with the central and two pairs of front speakers and surround channels those capacity is less, by means of spring clips without fixation.

The rear panel also contains the switch of the mains socket to connect other units. Remote control, with the release of the color of different groups of buttons allows you to control completely the receiver and other devices from this company on the system bus, by using the optional remote receiver RC HE-1000 and from another room. The dual-band (MW and FM) tuner has a tune to stations manually and automatically recording in memory up to 30 stations. The surround sound mode SURROUND is offered in three versions: Dolby Pro Logic decodes all channels or only three, and THEATER STADIUM initiates surrounding sound. When adjusting the remote control option, the all channels' volume level turns to be visible on the display, as well as delay of the surround channels' level. Depending on the mode, the levels can be set in the range of 8 to 96 ms. In the SLEEP mode you can set the automatic shutdown of the receiver in 10, 20, 30, 60 or 90 minutes. The applied schemes and technical solutions, careful manufacture and exact adjustment allow the AVR 25ii receiver reproduce easily the complicated musical passages: the sound system (natural and pure sound), which is in the AV mode complemented with the fully perceived space and effects.

Harman/Kardon AVR 25 II AV-receiver photo