Kenwood KR-V6080 AV-receiver

On the frontal panel of Kenwood KR-V6080 receiver there are indicator in the form of convex lens and two identical big control handles. One of them is volume control with built-in LED. The other is input selector, allowing you to choose one of two video signal sources or one of four audio signal sources. On the back panel of the receiver there is impedance switch of frontal speaker systems for better coordination. Connectors for main front and central channels are made in the form of powerful spring terminals and output connectors of the other channels are traditional with spring clamp without fixing. Kenwood KR-V6080 receiver has a system bus that allows you to control all the devices by one remote control. The built-in RDS decoder identifies four codes. Tuning on station is possible in both manual and automatic mode or by direct setting of frequency. You can store up to 20 stations into the tuner's memory. Despite of the fact that tuner and timbre are fixed in neutral position, they can be disabled by LINE STRAIGHT button. SURROUND mode is offered in the following variants: Dolby Pro Logic and THEATRE, for which signal delay time of rear channels is adjusted in the range of 15-30 msec for the first one and 10-60 msec for the second. In TEST mode the levels of central and back channels are adjusted from -10 to +10 dB. In addition, in Dolby three variants of work of the central channel are possible. While the listening SURROUND MODES worked most effectively; THEATER mode due to quite deep adjustments allows you to clearly feel the atmosphere of the hall.

Kenwood KR-V6080 AV-receiver photo