Harman/Kardon AVR 165 AV-receiver

Harman/Kardon AVR165 receiver has five amplification channels (95W each), but the connection of an additional power amp is not provided. Output stages can give up to 25 Ampere, providing the confident control of any system.

In addition to standard interfaces, this model has four 1.4 HDMI connectors, USB input and bus for mobile The Bridge docking station. The setting is made in both automatic and manual modes with a help of EzSet/EQ system with remote microphone.

Playing via digital signals amazes by, first of all, its restless dynamics and excellent control in the whole range. However, despite of high sound resolution, MIDs sometimes need a bit more tonal elaboration - a slight coloring is felt. Bass register is almost perfect. You feel excellent control, natural attack, and at increasing volume control low frequencies do not lose accuracy.

At the connecting through RCA sound obtains an additional liveliness and energy. Among positive changes we should note an improved detailing of high-frequency spectrum and warmer and richer tonally tonal middle. Strong control in basses was completely saved, bass dynamics didn't suffer too.

High energy of sound was useful for the work with theatrical soundtracks. In this exercise the receiver demonstrated a perfect separation of effects, high-quality elaboration of space and accurate localization of individual sounds.

Harman/Kardon AVR 165 AV-receiver photo