Amplifier Pass Labs X260.5

Nelson Pass follows the principle of "never be repeated", and turned out regularly circuit solutions embodied in the company's products. New power amplifiers X 260.5 - is no exception. Under the brand name of their name suggests, it's one-piece operating in class AB at high power levels (up to 260 watts per channel). At low power levels the device remains in the class A. Amplifiers Pass Labs, working in pure class A, traditionally have the designation XA. "Five", separated from the point of the serial number indicates that this update series, replacing the previous one.

As in previous X-series devices, X260.5 model constructed using a patented circuit "Supersymmetry". If you try to explain this concept in accessible language, we can say that the scheme is based on the idea of constructing a symmetric amplifier stages in order to reduce differential noise and interference by 20-40 dB. This means a reduction in the number of intermediate amplification stages, increasing the output currents and avoiding the use of general feedback. In Pass Labs amplifiers circuitry always apply only local chain feedbacks.

Without dwelling on past successes, the company continued improvement series amplifiers X and XA. We will not go into complex circuit design details, but note that in the new series of achievements embodied the preceding five years of research. Changes were made to the input and output stages, preference is given to low-noise FETs . Introduced new schemes bias currents. All this allowed to bring distortion to thousandths of a percent for each stage, with full output distortion, according to the manufacturer, not more than 1 %.

External appearance is traditional for the Pass Labs. They have a massive milled aluminum front panel two-layer, in which the upper layer frames the blue glow illuminated level indicator quiescent current. Located on the rear panel power switch, connectors, balanced and unbalanced inputs, a ground terminal, terminals for connecting speakers and a 12-volt triggers remote switching amplifier.

The power supply is used as usual toroidal transformer impressive size and weight, and the total capacitance of the capacitor bank is approaching the value 1 F.

Evaluate the performance of amplifiers and easy and hard at the same time. On the one hand, their replacement can dramatically change the sound system, on the other hand, power - the least part of the coloring tract. This particularly applies to amplifiers Pass Labs: their sound has long been one of the standards in the world of High End, and often they act as reference devices for testing other components stereos .

Listening to it was decided to start with the records of organ music. Body is extremely difficult to play home stereo. The reason - a wide frequency range (the largest among all the currently existing tools). The second, equally important aspect - the original acoustic environment. Since the introduction to the present day authorities built mainly in Gothic cathedrals with their unique acoustics and to a lesser extent in conservatories and chapels. Recently, however, also have their own acoustic atmosphere, far from the standard conditions of the listening room . Nevertheless, great sounding instrument transferred, with its inherent power and pressure.

Using mechanical traktury (system of register mechanism) allowed the best way to uncover and performing improvisational talent of Jean Guillou. Having started playing the organ since the age of twelve, and being a full-time organist at the church of Saint - Eustache (where there is the largest organ in France), he chose to record Bach and Haydn tool built in ultra Ditlifom Kloykerom Sorrowful Virgin Church in L'Alpe de Yuzz.

Timbre richness and virtuosity of his performance made literally catch every note.

Amplifier carefully and accurately reported to and penetration of the cantata, and melodiousness Romanesco.

As for the transmission of the sound space... Apparently not yet found ways to authentically recreate the sound of an organ in his native element. So for the echo from the nave and columns will embark on a journey through the cathedrals and basilicas.

With equal success Pass Labs X260.5 and cope with a piano trio, and a violin concerto. Certainly, on the record is difficult to assess the authenticity of stringed instruments, but it is easy to feel the emotional performing promise. Tools sounded highly legible, even in loud passages we heard the slightest nuances of intonation. Corporate Identity amplifiers Pass Labs - one of the musical material supply blade, safe and connected. At the same time can be arbitrarily long and enjoy the wealth of individual parts of the palette.

Data quality Without belittling and the performance of chamber works and records with female vocals. Endowed from birth the opportunity to hear and speak, we are by nature more susceptible it is to this audio range. Naturalness in voice Sarah Kay and Rebecca Pigeon passed as freely as if they were standing in front of us. All this, coupled with a lovely localization musical images and amazing recreation of the atmosphere of a small concert will allow you to be happy in the first row of spectators or for musical cafe table, if you will.

Blues and rock songs in the interpretation of X260 sounded openly and powerfully. More than a decent stock of the power supply helps to unlock the full potential of energy music genres. On the one hand, it may take many hours of joy to the future owner. However, not every track will be tested for strength. Amplifier mercilessly reveals all the flaws - both performing and recording. However, the market there are many other models, due to various reasons can retouch sound.

Certainly, Pass Labs amplifiers require careful selection of the other components. With regard to sources, the manufacturer claims that the device is insensitive to electrical parameters of the connected devices and cables. X260.5 stability circuitry allows to maximize the search range of applicants, including use interconnects without the outer sheath (strongly recommended balanced). Council is also pleased to pick up cables cost "less than power" (manual Pass Labs products often sparked restrained humor), in particular, the firm requests a potential buyer, if he finds the wire of pure silver or gold, to send them a few hundred meters. As for the replacement of the original power cable, given the consumption of the power amplifier, it is recommended to use any suitable certified according to IEC 60320 (formerly IEC 320) and calculated on the current of at least 15 A. For the same reason, you should look very carefully at the choice of the line filter or regenerator in order to avoid possible deterioration due to the limitation of sound amplifier current consumption.

Pass Labs X260.5 Amplifier photo