Floor standing speakers Amphion Helium 520

The Finnish company Amphion has been a dozen years, but our lab got its products recently. First signs were not cheap speakers Prio 520, but the firm has experience in developing and low-cost models for a mass market - an example to newcomers Helium 520. They are much cheaper than their older counterparts, and the visual differences between them are very small.

Clean lines and a white or charcoal black finish looks modern, yet classic, recalling the creation of forty years ago the famous designer Dieter Rams for the company Braun. Couple midbass speakers and RF emitter configuration between the Joseph d'Appolito. Small enough (130 mm) bass/midrange speakers with paper cones allowed to create amazingly slender body, and as the major emitters are connected in parallel, then the combined acoustic center coincides with the position of the tweeter.

Metal dome (25 mm) "tweeter" is located at the base of the waveguide - a form of horn with a very wide opening. It was possible to lower the crossover frequency (1.6 kHz), do the same acoustic dimensions NCH/SCH and RF emitters, and to improve coordination of temporary bands due to the shift tweeter ago.

Weighted base housing adds stability Amphion Helium 520 and spikes much better than Prio. Perhaps it makes sense to just reject column back as the most collected, sound is at the same distance from both midbass speakers to the listener. A pair of connectors located near the floor, under the reflex port for which are provided in the kit, foam plugs.

Prio 520 themselves sufficiently impressed us, but it is curious that a less expensive model is completely overshadows them. Helium 520 has all the advantages Prio, especially in the area of fusion of the highest crossover frequency, but can boast a more even sound throughout the range, including the low-region, with which the previous model had a small problem.

Amphion Helium 520 speakers work fine in free space, and when installed plugs - and the wall. The lowest frequencies are a bit limited, but the overall tonal balance impressively neutral and upper bass and lower middle (a problematic area for many competitors) bribe warmth.

Soundstage and accurate focusing, with good depth and space (if they are present in the starting material). Recording "Fifth Symphony" Sibelius mid 60s it showed great - brass in the background sound in the clear and convincing acoustic space.

Helium 520 - absolutely exceptional and thoughtful speaker with a rare combination of warmth, neutrality, the fusion of sound and accurate stereo image. Maybe they are not perfect, but for the price the best options are hard to find.

Physical differences between Helium and Prio 520 is very small, so it is not surprising that the results of measurements are very similar. Graphs of impedance match up to 150 Hz, with the same resonance rises to 180 and 760 Hz , but the replacement of the bass/midrange little changed at low frequencies, and the reflex port is now migrated from 56 to 52 Hz. However, although the overall frequency response is very similar, the new model is much smoother than its predecessor. Would not say that she was very smooth, but its unevenness lower than it was, and the overall balance of a little biased towards the bass. Installing the wall using the plugs - an interesting alternative to a free placement. Good sensitivity (90 dB) and the minimum impedance value - 5 ohms.

Amphion Helium 520 Floor standing speakers photo