Acoustic Energy Aelite 3 Floor standing speakers

The first thing you notice at removing the speaker systems out of the box is a perfect quality of finish. The transfer of production lines in Malaysia allowed the company to offer three-way floor speaker systems with rounded and decorated by natural veneer body to buyers for much less price than if it was assembled in England. The plate, into which every speaker system is mounted, is quite heavy and significantly increases not only the system's stability - you definitely should screw spikes into it and bass will be more distinct and clear. Three bands are sounded by the four branded speakers - the tweeter with a silk dome, one MF-driver and a pair of woofers with metallic diffusers. At the same time each frequency band is loaded on its own bass reflex - three polished holes are put on the very narrow back panel.

A distinctive feature of Acoustic Energy AeLite3 is a perfect integration of all frequency bands. Deep Purple sounded really powerfully and punchy - "kick" in "Smoke On The Water" really hit in the chest and bass guitar of Clifford Williams in "Shoot To ThriLL" by AC/DC was so full of vinegar that some of us almost broke into a dance. Home cinema - is an absolute nature of AeLite 3. Although in theory soundtracks for films should make lesser demands to microdynamic abilities of speaker system, but for the creating of true atmosphere and real playing of sounds of the second plan speaker systems must be able not only "growl" but "sing in a quiet voice". Acoustic Energy copes well with all the aspects of work in home cinema. Firstly, they are one of the few systems in their class which can exist without subwoofer in small rooms. Two separate LF heads confidently groove the bass and although they still can't create the same feelings like a good subwoofer can, but at first the buyer will save on a separate bass module. Secondly, due to quite narrow frontal panels Acoustic Energy AeLite 3 almost "melt" in the space and build air, three-dimensional sound field.

Acoustic Energy Aelite 3 Floor standing speakers photo