Focal-JMLab Chorus 706 S Bookshelf speakers

One of the largest manufacturers of speaker systems in the world, Focal-JMLab form the French city Saint-Etienne, always showed a rigorous approach to the creation of their own dynamical heads. Chorus 706 S differs by a new THC tweeter (as usual, with the inverted dome) and improved MF/LF speakers made of PolyGlass (paper, covered with a thin layer of microscopic glass beads).According to the developers' words, some solutions , used in top series Utopia Be, were embodied here too. So, for example, aluminum-magnesium alloy, approaching by the characteristics to beryllium, is used now for tweeter (instead of titanium). A round bass-reflex port (in the old version it was slotted) is located in front - this will allow you to place the speaker systems maximally close to back wall. Finish quality was improved too: new cases look much neater. It is noteworthy that Focal-JMLab assembles all its speaker systems exclusively in France and does not transfer its production to South-East Asia as the vast majority of British manufacturers did.

Sound of Chorus 706 S is very detailed, with contrast tops, movable middle and good attack in basses. The speaker systems play attractively, correctly transmit timbres and keep a good rhythm. Among minuses, I can only note some "dryness" of sound, which is associated rather with insufficient elaboration of pair. You should take into account that the ability of any speaker systems with dynamical heads to play low frequencies improves over time. We would recommend you to use these speaker systems (as well as any other) in acoustically featured rooms (carpets on floor and walls will be good that will help for the first time to smooth a slight brightness of "tops". However, the impressions from the novelty in general are only positive. Chorus 706 S has no genre preferences and the detailing and harmony of its sound is above all praise.

Focal-JMLab Chorus 706 S Bookshelf speakers photo