Microsystem JVC EX-A1

Seeing this great new product from JVC, we just could not resist not to tell you about it. Our curiosity spurred the choice of material for the speaker cone speakers. It's hard to believe, but they are made of pure wood! The fact that the developer JVC Satoshi Imamura for 20 years trying to create the dynamics of this unusual material, convinced that the use of wood as a radiating diaphragm drivers the most positive impact on the sound of acoustics as well as the sensations listener. And when you consider that prior to forming and giving shape wood diffuser it is soaked in a Japanese sake, the effect should be absolutely stunning. Baskets speakers - cast in design uses neodymium magnets. Sami housing speakers impress not less - they are made of solid cherry, with a depth resolution of twice the height. Acoustic design of the speakers - bass reflex, the opening of which is on the rear wall. The terminals for connecting wires - screw. Perhaps such a description would be more appropriate to some esoteric relic class High End, than a desktop micro system.

However, the JVC EX-A1 is not only exclusive speakers. The fact that it is composed as a full, well-equipped player DVD-Video/DVD-Audio, able to work with almost all existing formats in the market of optical drives - except SACD. The player has a built-SCART, which can be displayed either RGB, or composite video. Corresponding switch located on the rear wall of the central module. Obviously, the player is on the same platform as the new flagship model DVD-players of the company - the same boot disk, the same performance (video DACs 10 bit/54 MHz). Not only the player decodes Dolby Digital soundtracks and DTS, but also has a digital output that allows you to send a signal to an external decoder. Amplifier System - digital, with a sound circuits use high-quality components - silk electrolytes and polypropylene capacitors. Unfortunately, JVC EX-A1 only works in stereo, multi-channel recording mixed down to two channels. Device power - 30 watts RMS per channel, that is an excellent indicator of the microsystem, but this value is reached only at 10 % THD into 4 ohms. There is also a preamp output for connecting a subwoofer.

The case of the central unit is made entirely of aluminum and looks very solid. The power supply board and a digital amplifier are separated and isolated from each other to avoid interference. The device has a digital tuner. Hemispherical volume knob is very pleasant to the touch. In general, the design of the system makes a strong impression, a kind of "ping High End".

First, about the image. Even when the system is connected to a plasma with large screen to the image difficult to bring any claim. Of course, the presence of progressive undoubtedly would have gone JVC EX-A1 benefit, but even in interlaced mode, the device shows just fine. The rich color palette of the first chapter of the film "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", dedicated Shire gives an indication of the color resolution of the player and the level of working out fine details. So, a riot of colors Shira not stumped little one from JVC. The screen shows all the fine gradations of green, the trees can distinguish every leaf. Remarkably transmitted skin tones and pattern on the vest Bilbo. Well developed dark scene detail at the level of decent stationary players. The test for the transmission of color transitions - Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". In the dinner scene in the enchanted castle are clearly visible the different shades of the same color in the glow of spotlights. Naturally, inclined lines, yet there is a slight jaggedness, and drill bit does not quite live up to the highest standards - gives the impression that the picture as a little relaxed. However, for the player, which is part of the combined device, the result is more than impressive.

Let us turn to the sound. The developer believes that the timber together with the impregnation of sake to have a beneficial effect on the listener. The phrase "heady sound" JVC EX-A1 and asks for the language, but it would not be true. Also, the sound can not be heard any "wooden" overtones. On the contrary, the system plays a very vivid and clear. Particularly pleased to note that at a reasonable volume that is no sound on the sharpness of the high and mid frequencies to which we are accustomed to when listening to low-cost digital amplifiers. When an entry-level digital receiver is trying to play music, it is immediately clear that the technology of digital amplification have not yet mastered through. However, the JVC EX-A1 somehow manages to avoid the disadvantages of sound inherent in the devices of this type - perhaps here that affected the use of the speakers soaked in sake birch. Jazz, for example, the system plays a very detailed and with a good rhythm, and even the bass sounds full and deep. Female vocals are not cut ear and a lisp. Diana Krall - how to live, and the system even manages to convey the atmosphere of the recording (although, of course, it does so with less realism than a good way Hi-Fi). However, the biggest surprise was waiting for us when listening to rock music. Is the sound that micro issued by "Machine Head" Deep Purple, does not fit either with the class system, nor, especially, to its size. Especially impressed bass reproduction, namely its detail and depth. Even with the feature disabled expansion bass head struck the low-frequency range and, most importantly, excellent elasticity and structuring.

I even looked around for a subwoofer. It was hard to believe that such small speakers are capable of such a drive . When playing movie soundtracks system capacity is enough to announce a small room. For example, a study or bedroom, where, it seems, and will use this sleek center. Although, of course, the format of stereo imposes certain restrictions and does not allow for a full surround sound.

Arising remarks to sound - it is some loss of subtle nuances and the inability to create a wide stereo image, since the spacing of columns for a good distance from each other and the connection is lost imagery sound. However, all of the above claims made to sound, make sense only in assessing the performance of the system according to the criteria full Hi-Fi. Given the price, and, especially, the amount of new items from JVC, it should be recognized that the naturalness and detail of the sound is a cut above their "classmates".

What will be the verdict? I think the best recommendation to the unit was that I began to mentally look after him in his apartment, but I like it, in fact, and does not need - a good stereo system I already have. Just charm JVC EX-A1 can not be resisted.

JVC EX-A1 Microsystem photo