AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V767

For those for whom the effect of 3D- video in theaters makes a lasting impression (and those, according to the notice on the relevant sessions, very few), and want to find more homes similar attraction, the model simply find. In fact, the choice at the moment is simple - take the Yamaha RX-V767, wait a similar decision made by another manufacturer or an older model of the firm. And that is a rarity, an update here touched the model of the middle class in the first place, and competitors will surely with expensive equipment. Coupled with the ability to use the model as a processor, it is possible to predict a huge success. Indeed, in addition to this feature the device is as good as you know the price counterparts in everything else - sound quality, the functionality, the range of ports and has a firm DSP, which is always the possibility of advanced products from Yamaha to the front.

Receiver Yamaha RX-V767 Yamaha appeared in the lineup this year alone, and without exaggeration, may be considered the most advanced in the test. This is one of the first receivers with HDMI version 1.4 that is compatible with a promising technology 3D-video. On the one hand, the solutions of this kind are still experimental and are not particularly common, on the other - the device is not acquired by one day and must meet not only the requirements of the present day, but do not become obsolete in the foreseeable future. A mass invasion of 3D is also visible from the second half of 2010, according to the announcements, will be in full swing.

But the version of HDMI - not its only unique feature: the first time in this price band receiver has two outputs HDMI. It's just a holiday for those who are looking TV-air and on the TV series, and for the family of cinema projector additionally provided. Yamaha RX-V767 allows patched a system with five HDMI-sources, which is also a very good indicator. The remaining ports are present, but in a small quantity sufficient for several brontosauri with analog outputs, which for some sentimental reasons until a pity to take the scrap.

Console, which Yamaha completes its budget models, has a number of positive features, despite the spartan appearance. Clearly separated keys for the zones, the presence of the functions Scene, combining several devices into one control scheme, and good flexibility are a definite plus. There are also disadvantages, such as lack of the necessary number of keys for the modern player and media center, the small size of buttons and small signature. Coupled with the lack of illumination latest unlikely to please the owners of projectors, and all those who used to watch movies with the lights off. But compared to its closest competitors on the sum of the advantages and disadvantages of it looks quite good. On the front panel of the receiver Yamaha RX-V767 is a full set of controls, sufficient in all cases. The menu is well organized, can understand them even a child. Proprietary YPAO system tuning during operation does not require user intervention and always chooses the optimal set of parameters.

Despite the modest price of e-filling in the receiver Yamaha RX-V767 is the most advanced, that can be felt immediately. The receiver creates a convincing soundstage, with a clear localization effects and smooth transitions. Speakers literally dissolve in the room, leaving a seamless, large-scale and breathtaking panorama. Whether it's the din of battle, the sound of rain or the chirping of birds in the forest, the viewer always feels in the middle of it, and thus can clearly feel the remoteness of the location and all of the virtual sound sources. It's very impressive and often makes us forget that we face an inexpensive receiver. With the right mix of acoustics in the system based on it will not be expressed at all to solve the shortcomings of this level. The unit is complete with shelf speakers and a high-quality subwoofer, such as the production of the same Yamaha. In sum, this is a balanced system. When using active acoustics or external amplifiers can create a home theater system is much higher class. But it is worth remembering that the built-in amplifier is the same high power, drive and tonal authenticity, so load it floor speakers or expensive satellites equally unproductive.

Yamaha RX-V767 AV-receiver photo