Rotel RSX-1058 AV-receiver

The front panel of Rotel RSX-1058 receiver looks simple, there are no lids, all the buttons are in sight. There are handles, simplifying the installation of this massive device (17.4 kg / 38.3 lb) into the rack with other devices. Judging by the number of buttons of direct access to source, there can be seven such devices, but the number of connectors on the back panel shows the fallacy of such a primitive counting. Here we will see three AV inputs and two AV outputs with control of S-Video, three inputs and output of YCbCr signal, four inputs and HDMI output, 7.1 input and multichannel (in fact, 8.2!) adjustable output from pre-amps, and also four optical and three coaxial digital audio inputs and outputs of each type. The receiver can work for several rooms at once. The possibility of control from other zones (three inputs for external IR-receiver) and activating other components "through receiver" (six outputs of 12V trigger and two for IR-receiver) are provided.

Despite of the fact that there are five power amps, built-in decoders understand Dolby Digital EX/DTS-ES stream too and also multichannel PCM. In other words, you can connect to Rotel RSX-1058 one- or two-channel power amp (Rotel produces such devices) and get 6.1 or 7.1 configuration. Procedure of installation is designed for the experienced user - auto calibration system is absent. But there is great variety of audio settings. There is very useful possibility to put into the receiver's memory different configurations of speaker systems for different sound material. In addition to traditional regulation of LF/HF timbres there is the branded LF/HF Contour, which works with different boundaries of the audible range (good for correcting sound defects of low-quality recordings). Elimination of delay between sound and image is possible.

A universal remote control, which can control the whole system of home theatre after training, is supplied with the receiver. Rarely used buttons are hidden under folding curtain; the name of controllable device is shown on LCD display. Menus are quite simple and understandable.

The receiver easily played electro pop, aimed at holding in mp3, and symphonic compositions with oceanic dynamical and frequency range and "explosive" soundtracks. Any BD player is able to convert HD audio signal into multichannel PCM, that's why the lack of DolbyTrueHD/DTS-HD decoders is not a fatal flaw. However, Rotel RSX-1058 receiver will be the most attractive for the owner of multi-room system of home entertainment system.

Rotel RSX-1058 AV-receiver photo