AV-receiver NAD T755

The design is NAD T755 is not strict, and not even a Spartan, and (lift up above!) - Audiophile ie extremely functional. On the ash-gray background of the front panel is not on primed canvas, precise strokes applied fluorescent display designer, and under it - buttons select sources and adjust the tone controls. Another working area is located on the left and is responsible for the selection of speakers (A or B) and adjust the tuner. On the right is the volume control, and (under the removable lid) switching unit, consisting of AV-input, output, headphone and microphone jacks connect the tuning of the automatic calibration Audyssey. "Population" rear convinces us that the lack of previous models T 754 eliminated - there are three inputs and output via HDMI. The receiver looks great e multiroom system, as has a jack for an IR repeater and three (!) 12V trigger outputs from other video and audio connectors all in the same order, except for the absence of Phono-input (but there is a possibility of simultaneous connection two subwoofers).

Range of options receiver NAD T755, in general, is not the most modern, as the HD audio decoders available. However, to take advantage of the holders of standard BD Live Blu-Ray-player will be only through a multi-channel PCM, and the receiver decodes it. One of the interesting modes of DSP-note firm EARS, at work creating a two-column virtual surround sound without the unnatural reverb.

We have always praised the firm for competent management algorithms, but this time it was an overlay. The menu options are selected by the OK button, and confirm the selection goes through cursor key, and not vice versa, as is usual. But if you get used to it, the management will not make you work for, as the console itself is designed correctly, and the total light will give the opportunity to use them even in the dark.

As a stereo receiver NAD T755 proved to be perfect, which is not surprising, since the quality stereo sound - horse of NAD (in amplifiers uses a proprietary technology PowerDrive, fits the mode of their work to the needs of acoustics, there is also a mode Tone Defeat, disabling the tone controls). When watching movies, our experts have noticed a slight shift in the sound stage towards the front (well, if the sensitivity of the rear speakers would be a little higher than that of the front three). The device is designed primarily for music lovers who do not mind listening to a CD or watch a concert BD favorite band.

NAD T755 AV-receiver photo