AV-receiver Kenwood KRF-V4070

Kenwood KRF-V4070 - one of the most affordable receivers. It has minimal equipment is required to view the movie, and not equipped with the most powerful CPU from Cirrus Logic. However, at this price can not complain: still more recently, with $ 200 in his pocket, an AV-eminent manufacturer of a component can only dream of. As part of our test is interesting to see whether it makes sense to pay an extra 100-150 dollars to buy a more advanced machine.

Well, the quality of growth as compared to the movie theater "in one box" is available - add a set of speakers that way for 500 dollars and a DVD-player for 100, and the result set, which "will wash" of any boxed cinema comparable cost. Despite the outdated digital stuffing, Kenwood KRF-V4070 is now much better integrated devices that are part of a set of "all in one". However, if you compare it with the more expensive machines from Yamaha and JVC, Kenwood dignity that fade: the music sounds harsh and is synthetic, the bass is clearly lacking validity. In the movie, the benefits of powerful processors, which are equipped with competitors also have an effect - the quality of the sound stage and the ability to control the acoustics Kenwood they are clearly inferior.

Kenwood KRF-V4070 AV-receiver photo