Yamaha RX-V350 AV-receiver

Despite of the fact that Yamaha RX-V350 is the youngest model of company's AV-receivers, its equipment is impressive. The same 32-bit processor, YSS-938, as in the older models is used in the device, but its possibilities are not fully involved here. However, the support of DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, Dolby Digital EX and Dolby Pro Logic II is provided. Surely, the device suggests a wide set of the branded Yamaha programs of sound field's processing. As for the rest the possibilities of the receiver are quite standard for this price group.

The main impression from the work of RX-V350 is power and pushiness of sound. Built-in amplifiers confidently control even complex acoustics. Sound field turns out to be very smooth and absolutely seamless. Certain stiffness, typical for "theatrical" components, sometimes exists in the sound, but it is noticeable only on musical material. When watching films it is impossible to find fault in sound - there is an impression that more expensive equipment plays. This is a great receiver with a good price.

Yamaha RX-V350 AV-receiver photo