Harman/Kardon AVR 360 AV-receiver

AVR 360 receiver looks very attractively, laconically and modern. A graphic interface of the settings is beautiful and utterly easy-to-understand, and you can control other seven other system's components by the programmed remote control. How not to get the length of foot to such device?

Everything is in a perfect order with functionality with AVR 360. It allows you to set filter frequency for each channel (the choice is 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 Hz) and to choose an optimal pattern for low-frequency channel in accordance with caliber of the used woofer (8, 10, 12, 15 inches). There are no any ultramodern solutions (HDMI is supported only by 1.3a version, no connection to Ethernet and USB is indented only for upgrade), but all the basic theatrical and musical functions are developed very well. All the decoders of surround sound are available and with the branded bonuses in the form of Logic 7 for getting surround from stereo phonograms, and also Harman Virtual Speaker and Harman Headphone modes. Switching section deserves praise too, which provides wide opportunities for reassigning both inputs and outputs.

AVR 360 is also very good in stereo variant, when the signal passes all processing, and in multichannel one. The sound is massive, dense, as if assembled from material images. We will note a good control of lower case and also the overall energy - even in the most powerful passages the dynamics doesn't give under and at playing of difficult spectrums there is no tonal imbalance. Musical fabric is uncolored, clear, textured and with excellent spatial separation.

If the player is connected through digit, the system gives a bit tighter bass. Sound stage becomes wider, the foreground is moved forward for a little, images are slightly increased in sizes but seem to be less volumetric. Digital filling quite corresponds to the receiver's class, the typical for budget devices poisonous tincture at HF is almost absent. However, at moving to direct connection you can achieve more impressive result.

The playback of discants in this mode can be described as neutral and more distinct. Mid register literally comes to life, a lot of harmonic details appear. Dynamics seems to be more smooth and calm, but it is only the effect. Digital taste completely disappeared from the sound - hence is the feeling of big discomfort. At the same time localization in sound stage improves, removed plans appear brighter, reverberation features of concert hall open in very fine details. On such criteria as detailing of sound, realism of acoustic instruments, physicality of seeming sources AVR 360 becomes very close to classical stereo amplifiers. This device has a very high musical potential and it is a special pleasure to open it , choosing wires , system and sources.

Harman/Kardon AVR 360 AV-receiver photo